[] Flashlight not working in (Gizmo) Edit

The flashlight does not work in the edit or gizmo edit menu.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Edit or Gizmo Edit an object
  2. Attempt to turn flashlight on/off

What I expected to happen

The flashlight should toggle on/off

What happened


Notes / Media

Changing the keybind for turning the flashlight on/off does not fix this problem.

If this is fixed, you’ll also need to change your key bind for flashlight in the gizmo edit menu, as snapping is bound to F now.


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This is on purpose, because the default binding for snapping toggle is the same as the flashlight. I could do a quick check to see if you have changed the bindings.

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this would help because I use the flashlight a lot when gizmo editing

thank you