[] Areas in condos that are covered in fog become brighter

When you have the fog weather setting turned up, areas that are covered in fog become brighter/more visible even though the intensity of the condo’s lights shouldn’t have changed at all.

Steps to Reproduce

For most noticeable results:

  • make or find a dark room (preferably something long, like a hallway)
  • don’t add any lights
  • set condo to night, and moon intensity to 0
  • set fog all the way up

What I expected to happen

The room would be completely dark and I wouldn’t be able to see anything, regardless of how close to the walls I am

What happened

You can the see parts of the room that are covered in fog, despite not being lit up at all

Notes / Media

No fog:



Reallllly important for some Halloween condos. Would love to see this changed or tweaked

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