[] Spooky Wowozela sound detaches

Sometimes the sounds for the Spooky Wowozela don’t move with players, they just stay in one place. I think I noticed this happen with the regular Wowozela earlier too, but didn’t get a clip of it

Steps to Reproduce

I’m not sure. A guess is that maybe it’s when you walk up on someone after they’ve started using it and they unload due to distance, but then you return. I have no reason to believe that’s why, highkey just a random guess.

What I expected to happen

Sounds to move with the player using the Wowozela

What happened

The sounds would sometimes get stuck in place, meaning that sometimes someones Wowozela would be silent, and there’d just be a noise playing in a random area with no one around.

Notes / Media

This is now fixed in the next update.