[] Disabled map objects still show up in window reflections

My issue is thus: I’ve disabled some stuff on highrise that clashes a bit with what I envisioned (the big af chandelier, for example), but the disabled objects still show up in the numerous windows all over and they’re bright and jarring enough that I’m considering re-enabling those objects even though some of them are walled or decorated over.

Honestly I’m not quite sure if this should go in bug reports or suggestions considering I have no idea how baked into the engine these reflections are, and I realise actually dynamic window reflections would be insane. But if they could somehow at least be dynamic enough to remove big map objects that would be swell. If it’s a nightmare to fix, I’ll cope with them!

Steps to Reproduce

Stare at some windows while a map object is disabled, preferably with high settings

What I expected to happen

The objects in question should not be reflected in the windows anymore

What happened

My condo doesn’t look as good as it should :frowning:

Notes / Media

Reflection maps are baked in with static shadows and lighting iirc. It may not be possible to generate Reflection maps in runtime.


It is not unless you could somehow rebuild the condo map in-game (which would be fantastic for many things) or employ real-time raytracing.