[] Physics Items Are Still Static After Condo Reload

note: i am unsure if this is actually still the intended behavior, if it hasn’t been released yet, or if i’m misinterpreting what mac said in the discord, but i figured i would make a bug report just in case, please let me know if i misunderstood something!

steps to reproduce

place down a physics item (in my case i used workshop physics items) and create a snapshot and load it or reload your condo

you can also make a workshop condo and load into that, as it seems to still be broken there

what i expected to happen

upon loading into the condo/snapshot, the physics items would retain their physics

what happened

upon loading into the condo/snapshot, they’re completely static until picked up

notes / media

(what i expected to happen)

(what happened))


This is now fixed in the next update.