[] Issues with the Wooden Hot Tub

The normal Hot Tub recently got an upgrade with the new Water Effects… but not the Wooden Hot Tub. So here’s the current issues with the Wooden Hot Tub:

  • Whenever you place a wooden hot tub for the first time, it’ll create two volumes that create water splash effects when interacting with the player. One volume with stay attached to the hot tub itself… while the other will remain in the original location. The stationary volume does not scale with the hotub.
    It will disappear on reload
  • The Splash volume does not react to physics items and splashes do not react to velocity.
  • Crouching in the “Water” does not create the underwater effect.
  • The water material is nearly invisible and low. (I was actually convinced there was no water until I clipped into it)

Notes / Media

Note: the water is only visible when looking at the corner

Note: the bullets represent the water level. It reaches up to the elbow while the other hot tub reaches up on the bicep

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I actually REALLY hate the new hot tub’s water and was hoping they were going to just leave the round one alone because I had to replace all the instances of the square one to get my clear, splashable water back, like here

This is now fixed.

This will be fixed once we make a round version of our new water system.


I fixed the material change with hot tubs in next update.

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