[] Wild UI bug and Arcade games unplayable

This issue has been reproduced and the content below reflects our findings


When tying to play on an arcade machines, and casino machines, the UI bugs out, you can’t play the game and it just throws you off the game (casino machines you get stuck in the seat). The UI elements start to stack up on one another and creates a mess.

It does NOT affect the pool tables, its the only thing we can play together in the arcade.

Steps to Reproduce

Equip Ghost Milestone from Little Crusaders
Use an arcade or casino machine

Notes / Media

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We found what was causing the problem. When the following item is equipped.

Ghost Milestone from Little Crusaders

After removing it, the machines work properly.

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Thank you for figuring that out. I’ll look into the cause!

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I have determined the cause and a fix will be in the next version.

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