[] Spritesheet Option Doesn't Work on Some Items

Some canvas items have the animation spritesheet toggle, but it doesn’t work even when turned on.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Apply an image to and enable animation spritesheet on any of these items:
    • Canvas Teleporter (unlike everything else listed, the toggle actually sets itself back to ‘off’ after you finish editing it)
    • Haunted Painting (spritesheet works on 1st image, but not the one that appears when far away)
    • Canvas Flag Banister
    • Canvas Horizontal Flag
    • Canvas Vertical Flag
    • Canvas Hanging Flag
    • Canvas Blade Flag
    • Canvas (screen variation only)

What I expected to happen

The image would move around when the toggle was set to on

What happened

It didn’t do that, like it was still set to off

Notes / Media

The animation sprite sheet is toggled on for all of these items:


This is now fixed in the next update. I refactored the canvas materials to work for every type, including screen.