[] Spritesheet Option Doesn't Work on Some Items

Some canvas items have the animation spritesheet toggle, but it doesn’t work even when turned on.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Apply an image to and enable animation spritesheet on any of these items:
    • Canvas Teleporter (unlike everything else listed, the toggle actually sets itself back to ‘off’ after you finish editing it)
    • Haunted Painting (spritesheet works on 1st image, but not the one that appears when far away)
    • Canvas Flag Banister
    • Canvas Horizontal Flag
    • Canvas Vertical Flag
    • Canvas Hanging Flag
    • Canvas Blade Flag
    • Canvas (screen variation only)

What I expected to happen

The image would move around when the toggle was set to on

What happened

It didn’t do that, like it was still set to off

Notes / Media

The animation sprite sheet is toggled on for all of these items:


This is now fixed in the next update. I refactored the canvas materials to work for every type, including screen.


Following up on this report since it was pretty recent, but animation spritesheets are definitely not working on Canvas Teleporters.

Per the description in the OP, it never seems to actually do anything when toggled ON, and reverts back to OFF when you re-open the edit menu.


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This is now fixed in the next update.