[] Origin of some, mostly newer, physics items are inconsistent with older ones

Most throwable-physics item pre-Workshop update have their origins at the center of the model. This means that they’ll be clipped halfway into the ground when placed, and when you pick them up they will stay centered on your crosshair. However, it seems that items added after the Workshop update have this point at the bottom of the model, instead of the center. So when they are placed they won’t be clipped into the ground, and when picked up they’ll be above the crosshair. This affects Workshop Physics items, the Hockey Puck, Birb, all the physics items added in the Arcade update, and also cans dispensed from the Soda Machine. Of the newer items, it does not affect Ghoul/Holiday/Anniversary Coins, Sea Dollars, the Jinglebell, or the Beanbag.

Steps to Reproduce

Place physics/throwable items in your condo. Some of them will be clipped through the ground, while others won’t. When picked up some will be held from different points on the item.

What I expected to happen

The points in which they’re grabbed/placed to be consistent across items.

What happened

Some of the newer items (bar a few mentioned above) have their origin at the base of the model, while older ones will have it at the center.

Notes / Media

I’m not sure which of these I’d rather be the right one. Having items not be clipped into the ground seems a lot less jank, but when it comes to picking up, aiming, and throwing them, having them be centered seems preferable, especially as that’s how they’re thrown in the Arcade. If both could be right, where they’re placed above ground but when picked up they’d be centered, that’d be ideal, at least imo.

These images aren’t actually that useful as my gamer brain didn’t stop and change the color of the backdrop until the end.

Origin-at-center items being held

Origin-at-bottom items being held