[] Canvas pile texture scale doesn't work on every pile

Summary of bug here.
canvas pile textures do not scale on certain piles

Steps to Reproduce

Video demo:

What I expected to happen

the textures to scale when I used the “texture scale” bar value

What happened

clunky textures

Notes / Media

I love you mac! :smiley:


this has always annoyed me… :<

i hope it gets fixed! i had to scale down the texture of the grass floor in my condo to make it look right with the endless amounts of piles i had…

This doesn’t appear to be a bug with the canvas pile. It appears that some of the materials do not have scale support, which is a known bug.

Okay well best of luck with fixing it! Not sure why that would be the case though, didn’t I use the same grass texture on both of the piles?