[] Minecart vehicle colored by other vehicles

The minecart vehicle Halloween reward can be colored by picking a color option on other vehicles despite not being able to access the vehicle edit menu by right clicking the mine cart.

Steps to Reproduce

Equip the minecart, then right click and press “edit” on any colorable vehicle such as the scooter or pogo stick, then pick any color, the edges of the color wheel are the most noticeable.

What I expected to happen

The minecart to retain it’s normal color.

What happened

The entirety of the minecart is colored despite not being editable.

Notes / Media

The minecart cannot be right clicked, which after some tests I assume is a feature for unlockable items, for instance the pogo stick can be edited via right click despite not having any colorable areas.

The scooter has certain areas that can be colored whilst the minecart has its entire model colored all at once.