[] Emote speed doesn't change when crouch is rebound to Alt

When using emotes, when crouch is bound to alt, neither ctrl or alt + scroll will affect emote speed. Using the scroll wheel will instead cause the view to zoom in and out as if you weren’t holding ctrl under normal circumstances. Rebinding crouch to ctrl allows ctrl + scroll wheel while emoting to be normal.

Steps to Reproduce

Bind crouch to Alt.
Use any dance emote.
Hold Alt or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to try to change emote speed; it won’t affect it whatsoever.

What I expected to happen

Holding Ctrl or possibly Alt + Scroll wheel while using an emote affects the emote animation speed.

What happened

Neither Ctrl + Scroll wheel or Alt + Scroll wheel while emoting affected the animation speed.

Notes / Media

Tooltip says to use Ctrl + Scrollwheel to change emote speeds, while crouch is rebound to Alt (may apply to other keys as well), it doesn’t cause emote speed to change at all. I expected it to be tied to the crouch button, which I have bound to Alt, but holding Alt and Scroll wheel while emoting gives the same result as Ctrl + Scrollwheel. Rebinding crouch to Ctrl causes the emote speed function to work as expected.

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Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look into this.