[] Bucket Of Gold Not Respawning In Coin River If It Falls After Game Is Over

There are usually always two buckets of gold in Coin River. If the game ends, and then one of the buckets falls, it will not respawn. Nothing seems to be able to respawn it. I assume the gold bars will have the same glitch.

Steps to Reproduce

Be unlucky enough to have the time run out right before a gold bucket falls off of the edge.

What I expected to happen

The gold bucket should respawn regardless of if the game is in a state of being operated.

What happened

The machine was left handicapped by having one less gold bucket, a major source of tickets.

Notes / Media



I’m not actually sure it’s the same problem that happened to me, but I got a bucket stuck and not respawning, so it’s very likely to be linked.
I recorded it since I wanted to fill a report.

You can see the bucked being stuck, and it prevents coins and surely gold bars too from being counted.

This was largely fixed in, but there still seems to be some edge-cases of it happening.
A screenshot of it happening today, on

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