[] Typing Derby doesn't work at all on IME keyboards

I’ve tried to play twice now and I’m always stuck on the first word, no matter what I do it won’t go through and I’m just stuck in there for the game’s length.

I’m keeping in mind punctuation and everything, it just will not register anything I type.

Edit: The issue is due to using an IME keyboard. If you try to play, even if your IME keyboard is set to Alphanumeric, you can’t type anything at all.

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I had it work for a while but now it’s back to not working again. :frowning:

Back to not working at all again.

Don’t know what could be causing it. This is a new computer too.

In fact, it seems to make my keyboard lag on my entire OS by sometimes a full 10 seconds.

Edit: I figured out the issue, it’s because I was using an IME keyboard. My default language is Japanese and I just have it defaulted to English because it’s easier to switch languages that way. I had it set to Alphanumeric though, so it shouldn’t have mattered. But that explains everything.

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