[] Orb Lagspike Jump

Jumping while in the middle of a lagspike with the Orb equipped causes the effect of multiple jumps, in other words, creating a super jump

Steps to Reproduce

Equip the Orb, and once you have a lagspike spam space bar

What I expected to happen

Instead of having the height of a normal jump, you end up having the boost as if you jumped more than once

Notes / Media

This doesn’t really matter considering the worst someone can do is get ontop of a building of which someone could have just used a jetpack to get ontop of anyway but im pretty sure it wasnt intended so im marking it as a bug c:

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You can also climb walls with the wearable orb + RC Orb anyway so :woman_shrugging: Personally, I don’t see much reason to fix this bug as it doesn’t really affect gameplay in any meaningful way and that looks kinda fun lol

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honestly yeah it is kinda fun but i mean
its a bug
and id feel bad if i just didnt