[] Most Weapons Collide w/ Invisible Items (placeable lights, emitters, etc)

Some weapons/equippable items interact with placeable lights/spot lights and spooky sound emitters even though they’re invisible unless you’re holding Q.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place down a placeable light, placeable spot light, or spooky sound emitter

  2. Throw/shoot/etc at it with any of the following items:

    • Any melee weapon
    • Any hitscan gun (double barrel, crossbow, egon, etc)
    • Flamethrower
    • Firework Launcher
    • Throwable Eggs
    • Laser Pointer (dot lands on the light/emitter)
    • Magic Trampoline (you can bounce off of the light/emitter)
    • Throwable Ornaments
    • Bert Gun
    • Boomerang (stops spinning after hitting the light/emitter)
    • Orb RC/morph (you can jump on the lights/emitters)

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

Notes / Media

Melee weapon hitting a light:

9MM bullets hitting a light:

Throwable eggs hitting a light:

Jumping on a light with orb:


This is now fixed in the next update.


Bump moment–

The Magic Trampoline targeting circle still gets affected by FX items and volumes. Now that there’s more volumes and also modules to work with, it’s more noticeable than the occasional light or sound emitter. I could see it being used to cheese/sniff out the placement of trigger or damage volumes which may not be ideal if you’re using those to catch people off guard.

Ball Race morph and RC Orb both still can jump when intersecting FX and volumes.

Water Guns splash effect gets blocked by FX and volumes, however the water stream and the hitscan that deals damage both pass through fine.

Bert Gun still bounces off block volumes, even if all the filters are set to off,

Throwable Eggs and Ornaments both break when hitting block volumes even if all filters are set to off. Though, despite doing the break particle the ornament itself will continue going past it and bounce around for a second or two which is kinda cursed ngl.

Media below is only relating to the Magic Trampoline, not the other ones mentioned.

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