[] Minigolf Camera View Sometimes Locks

Minigolf camera view sometimes locks on the ball or snaps to the floor and I can’t zoom out to see where to shoot.

I’m using both wasd & mouse scroll.

For example: Here (see image) on Kingdom #4 I could not zoom away to see the the ball or even the power bar arrow.

This happens from time to time on all maps. Also happened on #12 sweet tooth (picture to show where, but not from when it happened).

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Another example. I just got stuck to the turf again: I could not get the camera any higher than shown:

#18 Waterhole

Try holding down right click and moving your mouse.

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:golf: Thank you!!

I had tried that many times and nothing happened, but your comment made me see why: I had changed the key bindings (I use the right mouse button to jump). Now I know to hold the new button when I’m stuck again or need to look around. :relaxed: