[] New Double Doors Bugs

First off, THANK YOU for adding double doors!! I hope we’ll see more doors added soon(ish) since these are our first doors since forever.

However there are some flaws with these new doors.
Double Bedroom door’s origin point is located on the right door, as if it were still the single door.

Also this door is the only one that can be editted. I did manage to bring up a semi-glitched editing menu the first time I edited this, so maybe the other door has a separate menu?

The Double Glass Door has some wonky scaling: each door is scaled as if they were open (X spreads the doors apart and thickens them, Y changes their width, Z functions normally).
It also lacks a colour variable which isn’t a bug, but would be appreciated.


This is fixed in the next quick hot fix.

Half of the issues remain:

Glass Double Doors still have the odd scaling

Bedroom Double Doors still have the offset origin point

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