[] Certain flowers disappear on low LOD Flower Crown

If you’re looking at a player from behind and move far enough away so it switches to a lower level of detail, the white flower on the back of the crown will disappear and the one on the right will lose all but one petal. This is most apparent when zooming out or when adjusting your camera’s pitch at a certain zoom level. Was gonna put this on the nitpicking thread, but it bugs me. Get it? Bugs me in the bug category haha this is a cry for help

Steps to Reproduce

Look at the Flower Crown on yourself or another player.
Move the camera far enough away so that it switches to a less detailed model.
Observe the white flowers.

What I expected to happen

The flowers to still be visible, just slightly less detailed, a bit more crunchy.

What happened

One of the flowers completely noped out and took the majority of another one with it.

Notes / Media