[] Weird 3rd person camera behavior when jumping

The camera behave weirdly when jumping in 3rd person.

Steps to Reproduce

Use 3rd person view and jump around

What I expected to happen

The camera to react as usual, no weird abrupt moves

What happened

The camera does make a weird sudden move when jumping around

Notes / Media

I don’t see it? Just looks like jumping

The camera goes to the bottom when jumping, it never happened before.

The camera no longer moves when you’re in the air, which could be the issue you’re talking about.

What i’m trying to show here is the playermodel in 3rd person being in the center (almost) of your screen before jumping, and much to the bottom while jumping, the camera does such a sudden move, it’s quite disturbing to me.

The sudden movement only happens when crouch jumping, and also happens in first person as well

I’m making a fix for the third person camera right now.