[] Sweet Tooth Hole 6 OOB Bug

Summary of bug here:
On Sweet Tooth Hole 6, if you fall into the lowest “return” tube, you go below the lower OOB field, get an instant +1 stroke added to your score, and get reset back to the spot you hit it into the return hole, potentially keeping you stuck in the lower area. Oh, and the camera locks into the position of entering the tube.

Steps to Reproduce

Just hit a ball into the lowest “return hole.” See notes below

What I expected to happen

To be sent back to the start of the course like you are supposed to.

What happened

Game considers ball out of bounds, adds a stroke, resets the ball to just before the ball goes into the return tube, trapping the ball, and locks the camera erroneously.

Notes / Media

Youtube video of bug happening less than 5 minutes before submitting the report:


Thank you for the report. I have this fixed in the next hotfix.