[] Insane FPS drop looking in this spot in condo

Summary of bug here.
FPS drop in corner of Spare Room in condo

Steps to Reproduce

Go to spare room on the 2nd floor in the Condo condo
Look in this corner shown on the image

What I expected to happen

No FPS drop in just that spot

What happened

FPS drop in this corner

Notes / Media

I have experienced this in other corners in just this room,

That’s pretty much directly under the mirror in the bathroom, which has been causing issues with fps in the condo for a couple updates now


Is there any way to fix it?

I don’t think there is rn, since there’s not a toggle for mirrors in the settings

I’ll be adding a setting for it very soon.


Why not implement the trigger radius used in Underwater and have it so that it only turns on when you’re in the bathroom?

I think all mirrors have a trigger radius, but this one is triggered because I’m right above it looking at it