[] Textures will sometimes fall back to extremely low quality after they're already loaded

This seems to be very new, or is just being exacerbated by higher player volume than usual. I notice it often in the Arcade but I cannot say this with validity as I’ve been spending lots of time in the Arcade compared to anywhere else

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enter the Arcade
  2. Wait for the textures of the cabinets to fully load.
  3. Play games in the Arcade for a while

What I expected to happen

The textures should remain fully loaded.

What happened

The textures fall back to the very low quality state of being very blurry once in a while and take a few minutes to reload properly.

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you should be able to fix this by going into your launch options in steam and putting in “-NOTEXTURESTREAMING”, which stops texture quality from lowering but makes load times slightly longer

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I like this, but I’ve not seen it happen (or at least not of this frequency) until this month. It’s been happening multiple times during a single session, as opposed to not at all for days/weeks at a time and maybe once if that.

So I’m concerned about a regression.

I’ve definitely noticed a performance regression in the past few months, even on low population servers, so this might track tbh. Some more optimization passes soon would be nice

Texture streaming wll kick in when you have maxxed your VRAM usage. This happens due to the workshop player models. We have optimized the arcade and the textures for the arcade.

Workshop models can contain large textures that add up fast. We have discussed about adding more limits to workshop models but the change could destroy countless models. We are still trying to figure out ways to improve it.