[] Location tag on plaza servers in chat not always working

There’s the tag in front of names in local chat saying places like Casino or Boardwalk that show where someone is when they chat. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Join a plaza server
  2. Stay in the main plaza area and do not go into a building that requires loading (e.g. Casino, Arcade, etc.)
  3. Wait for someone in the main plaza area to chat
  4. Wait for someone that is in one of those buildings to chat.

What I expected to happen

Both people should have their locations tagged at all times.

What happened

Only the person in any portion of the map you are in will show up. However, if you enter a building, wait a moment for everything to settle then leave (or perhaps to receive a single chat message while in there, still am not sure), all people in the building will show up tagged properly even while not in the building.


I’m not sure if this follows the player properly either. It may just be that it doesn’t know they’re in the Casino, Arcade, etc until you’ve entered it, then until you see them again, it doesn’t update. For example, I was wanting to test these types of combinations:

  • Staying in the plaza and have someone from the plaza enter the Casino then chat
  • Entering then exiting one building (e.g. Arcade), and have someone from any other building (e.g. Casino) directly (via the Map) enter the first building you went into, then have them Chat.
  • Entering then exiting two buildings (e.g. Arcade and Casino), and have someone from one of those buildings directly (via the Map) enter the other building, then have them Chat.
  • Entering a building (e.g. Arcade), and have someone in that building directly (via the Map) enter any other building (e.g. Casino) or go back to the Plaza, then have them Chat.

I’m wondering if there’s more than just knowing they’re in that building once you enter it, and if it just doesn’t keep track of them or if it does once you’ve entered.