[] Arcade: Lonely Gun's bullets sometimes disappear

I removed my cosmetic items (balloons, hats and glasses… Unreliability on getting a good score at the arcade because of the bullets being removed as soon as they spawn

Steps to Reproduce

Just play the Lonely Gun 3000 arcade, shoot the gun multiple time without holster back and it might happen.

What I expected to happen

The bullets just fly to your character to the arcade’s targets.

What happened

When shooting in the lonely gun arcade machine, the bullets disappear as soon as they appear.

Notes / Media

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What items did you have equipped?

at the first section of the video, I had 5 balloons, 3D glasses, neon cap, LED tie and Backpack Piano with the jetpack. In the other parts, I removed the items.

After some testing, with and without cosmetic items, different France server, different lonely gun 30XX machine. It turns out the workshop player model create a sphere in front of the player. I tried with 3 different workshop model, one I usually take which has a beak, a rectangle one and a human one, and they all have this problem. But the standard player model (I tried with masculine and box of milk) don’t have this problem.