[] Zombie Massacre match does not restart like it should

If you die after defeating the final boss in Zombie Massacre, you have to wait until the end of the round before being able to restart the round.

Steps to Reproduce

Get to the final boss, defeat it, and then lose by running out of lives.

What I expected to happen

The round would restart in 10 seconds

What happened

The round would restart depending on how much time was left till the end of the round.

I have also experienced this bug in []

Here’s a video demonstration of the bug in action. (note: I skip ahead really far into the timer after a few seconds of the day ending, so pay close attention to the timer in the top left corner.)

As another note to add to this bug report: when pressing and holding tab on the “ZOMBIES HAVE TAKEN OVER” screen, it reveals the “YOU HAVE SURVIVED” screen for a couple of frames.