[] Lost all of my credits

I had over 1.7 million credits in-game. I went off for a couple of days, and came back for the new update. When I did, my number of credits was at zero.

In addition, when I participated in a plaza event, none of the money I won was given to me. I’ve also somehow lost all of my tickets at the arcade, though I forgot how many exactly I had there.

I haven’t lost any progress, achievements, or milestone rewards, but I’m confused why everything else is missing. If you could help figure out why this happened, and compensate me for the credits and tickets lost, I would be very grateful.

Hello, if you could post a link to your steam profile I can look into this further.


My username is Railmaster. Steam ID: 76561198822391704

Nevermind, they have suddenly been restored. Thank you.

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It may have been a random connection issue to the AGC. If for whatever reason the game isn’t able to connect to our backend, it’ll show that you have no units.

Glad to hear that it resolved itself.