[] Lobby fountain crouch glitch with any playermodel

Steps to Reproduce

go into the fountain which is located INSIDE (go with the escalators up and youll find the fountain) the skyscraper and go into the fountain crouching or crouch when inside the mountain and youll be teleporting up and falling down

What I expected to happen

to crouch inside the fountain like nothing happend

What happened

a uneven teleportation , just like you put portal on bottom and on top which has a very slow speed limit

Notes / Media

https://im gur.com/a/ScymGRq (looks like the video doesnt work , remove the space in the imgur and you should be good to see it)

edit: sorry my bad , it looks like it works with every playermodel
(if not, take the 200k little crusader playermodel as a milestone)

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Is this what you’re describing?

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yeah this , i know nobody is really gonna pay attention to this or even find this out , but i decided to report it anyways