[] Bedzoom 2 Unintended Shortcut

I discovered another error in the out-of-bounds triggers which allows a driver to shortcut the track. Unlike the Bedzoom 1 “shortcut” however, this is a genuine shortcut that leads to lap completion and allows a player to skip a notable amount of the track.

Steps to Reproduce

Drive onto the third “Bonus Units” path on Bedzoom 2
When coming to the end of the path, drift and make a >90 degree turn
Carefully navigate your way past the guard railing and back onto the track

What I Expected To Happen

I expected to be put back on the track after being registered as “out of bounds” when jumping off the course. Alternatively, for the lap to fail completion after performing this shortcut.

What Happened

I was able to perform an unintended shortcut (after many, many attempts) which can lead to faster-than-expected lap times.

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Replying to add: there’s also another route which is much trickier to pull off (in fact I only found it by accident) which allows you to drive inside the card house.

This is a bit opinionated, but fixing this might warrant a reset of Bedzoom 2’s leaderboards as pulling this off consistently can save a considerable amount of time.

This is actually a pretty cool meta. I’d like to see it stay. Professional skip strats.

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This is big brain! While I’d like to see it stay it would make more sense to remove it (or make it harder to pull the trick at least.) Either way I may have to try pulling this off before its removed or nerfed.