[] Bedzoom 1 Unintended "Shortcut."

I discovered an error with the out-of-bounds triggers that allows somebody to perform an unintended shortcut. The lap counter does not update after completing the lap using this shortcut however it removes the ability to pick up items until you drive around the track again.

Video of the “shortcut” being performed twice with slightly different routes but with the same results.

Steps to Reproduce

Jump off the spiral in Bedzoom 1 at an angle.
Proceed down wooden train tracks until you reach the third-to-last turn.
Jump off train tracks and complete the lap.

What I Expected To Happen

I expected to be put back onto the track when jumping off of it. After that did not occur I expected items to continue functioning as normal throughout the race.

What Happened

I was able to perform an unintended shortcut which ultimately did not count towards the lap. After completing this broken lap, items failed to function correctly until the lap counter increased by 1.