[] Accelerate: Spectating player camera issues [updated report]

Update Post []:

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This issue is still present. It is only fixed for the host, while all other players still have the problem. Me and a friend tested it.

Their host: Their win, spectate camera is normal since they are host.
Their host: My win, spectate camera is broken since I am not host.
My host: Their win, spectate camera for them is broken since they are not host.
My host: My win, spectate camera is normal since I am host.

Image is my host with me spectating:

Original Post []:
This bug seems to be unique to this patch as I have not seen it before.
When you cross the finish line and you are waiting for the others to finish… when you spectate players, the camera is extremely close to their avatar, sometimes clipping through with the inability to zoom out.
The camera remains fixed in this position almost giving the look of a 1st person view but not quite. The mouse is able to be turned but that is it. It’s a little disorienting.

Steps to Reproduce

Finish a race, and wait for other players to finish. Spectating a player will yield the camera position issue.

What I expected to happen

The camera being in a 3rd person view.

What happened

The camera being very close almost giving a 1st person view, but the player’s body and vehicle are visible while the mouse can also be freely turned, not zoomed out.


To add on to the report, I have screenshots of my own to show the difference between host and client spectator cameras.

Spectator camera from the hosts’ perspective:

Spectator camera from the clients perspective:


I’ll work on resolving this asap.