[] Ambiguous "Sell" menu item in Condo Inventory when visiting other player's condos

When you go into the Condo Inventory section while you are in another player’s Condo, you can right click an Item and you still see and use “Sell”.

Obviously it would be very very very bad if one player could sell another player’s Items, and fortunately when you do attempt to do so when you have access to the Condo Inventory, it does not sell the Condo owner’s items.

It does, however, sell your own. But since the Item displayed is from the Condo owner’s inventory, the related Item’s quantity displayed is that of the Condo owner’s, not your own, confusing the player into how many can be sold.

In addition, the Sell menu displays for items you do not own but are in the Condo owner’s Condo Inventory.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Visit another player’s Condo
  2. Open the Condo Inventory
  3. Right click an Item and attempt to sell it

What I expected to happen

Probably the inability to sell Items. Or, making it less ambiguous that they are not your Items.

What happened

I was able to sell Items but not get a clear indication that I was selling my items, nor how much quantity I actually had left.

Notes / Media

Perhaps the issue isn’t the fact that there’s a Sell menu, but the fact that the name of the section is still “Condo Inventory” and not “[Condo owner’s name] Condo Inventory” when it’s not your own Condo.

I think it’s both to be honest. The Condo Inventory should perhaps indicate that it’s the other player’s Condo Inventory and not my own, but I also shouldn’t be able to use Sell in a list of items that technically aren’t mine, and technically don’t have proper indications for how much of something I have.


So this is definitely two bugs. You shouldn’t be able to see the sell option and the inventory title on the UI should be updated to say co-op inventory.


This is now fixed in the hot fix.