[] Golf bugs

Since the newest update, there has been a number of bugs to various game modes though most noticeably with the Golf game. Desync with moving barriers and walls. Randomly hitting non existent things on the green causing change of direction or sudden stops. Power meter is inconsistent with doing shots even when doing the exact same shot twice in a row.

Steps to Reproduce

just play a map and all issues will show.

What I expected to happen

  • hitting blocks/barriers as normal
  • Going across the Green as usual
  • going the appropriate distance depending on fill of power meter

What happened

  • Going though blocks and barriers when they are in the way and hitting them when they are not in their respective spots due to desync
    *Randomly hitting something or stopping when there are no objects in the way (i.e. flat slopes going up or down, flat level plains)
  • Ball moves different amounts with the exact same level of power in the stroking bar. (i.e. max bar sending you the max distance/speed or occasionally doing half as strong of a hit. Small puts will hit the bar equivalent to double what is actually supposed to be used)

The issue with the desync is known, and the developers are working on a fix. This might take a while as they may have to re-work some networking.