[] Bert Gun Glitches

The Burt Gun have two bugs that make it unusable

Steps to Reproduce

Glitch 1.
join a public server with people in it. (this only happens when other players are in the server with you)
Pull out your Bert Gun.
Shoot it standing still.
Glitch 2.
join any server.
Pull out Your Bert Gun.
Walk forward and keep shooting. (looking back will fire all of the bullets you shot)

What I expected to happen

Shoot the Bert Gun Regularly

What happened

The bullets are on the player hit scan.

Notes / Media

Glitch 1.

(Note: I put away my pets and it still does this)
Glitch 2.

Looks like it’s hitting some invisible volume, maybe sound volumes. I’ll take a look.

Actually, do you have other items equipped?

I look into the items and found the fishing rod stopping the bullets.

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Thank you! I’ll be able to fix this now.

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