[] Poor lighting on workshop items also affects workshop vehicles

I read that apparently there may be some lighting improvements for the worshop models soon, so I finally decided to test something I noticed that I hope didn’t slip through the cracks.

I’ll be using this item as a point of reference. You can see it’s original state directly below.

Many moons ago, the lighting from condo environments & lighting on workshop items was better.

Then they both, independently, got really broken over time, where they’ve largely remained till now.

This is especially prominent of cell-shaded items (like the statue,) where shadows will just linearly cast diagonally over an item depending on your perspective.

I noticed some strange light effects on workshop vehicles while playing, like glowing light on the underside of a model that should be dark with shadows, so I took the statue from my cache and turned it into a cart, and whad’ya know:

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This issue is being resolved soon. We have a fix made and now we are testing it.