[] broken steam friends joining system (including invites)

So this issue has appeared one or few months ago actually, so far I remember it existing since the nightclub update, so I guess I should have created this report earlier.
When you try to connect your friend via join or accept invite button, the game throws you into a wrong server. Maybe it happens in some periods, but when it was not working for me I tried it like five times in a row and was being thrown at same (and wrong) server, and through times as it happened it wasn’t only wrong plaza servers - once I was trying to join a friend who was playing Little Crusaders and was thrown at some plaza server as well.
It doesn’t happen only for me though, as I’ve just seen same happening to a streamer playing TU (both of us are from Russia, if location does make a difference), and as I could see it was way more frustrating for them as for new players, which probably makes this issue more serious.

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I believe this happens if you join or start a game world from a Plaza. It needs to be fixed.

I can confirm that this still occurs.
What I have seen is:

  • Bug occurs when joining through Steam -> right-click friend -> join lobby (joining a friend through the TU interface does not seem possible, regrettably)
  • Bug occurs when joining friends who created/host games or condos. Joining such games can redirect to Plazas and joining a friend’s condo can redirect to another user’s condo.
  • We usually had the game/condo set to friends-only, but that does not appear to be a limiting factor
  • The bug can sometimes be circumvented when joining a friend who has already succesfully joined the game/condo
  • iirc, we have run into this bug both on games started on plazas, and games started directly through the “Game worlds” option in the menu. especially the latter.

it was happening when i was trying to connect to my friend playing plaza server, while being myself in the main menu. I guess they had joined the plaza from the main menu as well, though there is a possibility they did it while being on another plaza server before

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