[] Drivable Helicopter Playing Sound Incorrectly

Under certain conditions, the drivable helicopter will incorrectly play its engine sound at maximum volume when coming to a standstill.

Steps to Reproduce

Enter the Drivable Helicopter
Move around in the helicopter.
While in motion, exit the helicopter.

What I expected to happen

The helicopters engine sound would slowly decrease until it fully stopped and became completely quiet.

What happened

What was expected did occur, but only temporarily as the helicopter suddenly had its engine sound playing at maximum volume.

Notes / Media

A major note is that this sound bug ONLY occurs if exiting the vehicle while in motion. Exiting the helicopter at a complete standstill will not have the engine sound suddenly play after coming to a complete stop (since the helicopter is completely stopped already.)
I do not know how to reproduce the helicopter hovering and was a bug that only occurred while trying to record the sound effect playing incorrectly. I have tried to reproduce this but have been unsuccessful.