[] Night Club music player is requiring 100% votes to skip instead of 50%

Today when I joined the nightclub, someone had queued up many troll songs in a row and then left (maybe limit the amount people can queue, and also make it so if they leave the nightclub their songs are removed from queue?) and the other 9 of us there had to ALL vote to skip each song before it would actually skip. No skip happened until 9/9 people had voted to skip.

edit: while i’m here, could i suggest a serious limit on the amount people can queue up? I enter the nightclub tonight and there are 62 songs in queue already and only 6 other people in there with me. It would have been a few hours before I heard any song I queued up… most of the songs were queued by people who were no longer there. really renders the whole thing useless with the amount of trolls in TU.

If it says it needed 9 people to skip, there should have been 18 people in the club. When the game says “1/9 people have voted” for example, it needs 9 votes. It doesn’t mean there are just 9 people in the club.

Also, I am sorry for my very bad explanation.