[] Using a potion, RC, or moprh will reset the selected sound on the Wowozela

Very minor thing that affects few people, but switching sizes, using an RC, or using a morph will make the Wowozela reset it’s selected sound to “choir”.

Shoutout to typing this out and forgetting to click “Create Topic”


just a guess but maybe it’s related to how potions/rc/morphs will reset our characters
(like if you use your jetpack and want to go back to source movement mode you can just morph into something and back instead of pressing ‘K’)

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Ye, and I definitely want that to stick around, cause it’s nice for getting out of softlocks (like in fishing) or like you said, getting Source-like movement back.

Though, maybe if that does ever get patched out- or heck, even if it doesn’t, maybe we could get an option to reset our character w/o having to respawn entirely? Like maybe something in the Tab or C menu?

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