[] floating pets flicker & retain previous location when switching from first person to third person

a little difficult to explain, but i’ll give it my best shot. since floating pets are invisible in first person, if you zoom out to third person, your pets will reappear at the spot they were last visible. as an example, if i’m in third person and go into first person in section “A”, the pets will disappear as intended. if you zoom out into third person in section “B”, the pets will appear in section “A”, before flying back to the player. this only applies to floating pets, afaik.

i’ve also noticed that, when travelling between various parts of a condo, your pets will “flicker” for a very short moment when you walk from, say, the kitchen to the first floor in suite. specifically areas that show up on the bottom left under your units. this behavior is also present in the lobby. for example, the subway station to the tower lobby.

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