[] All Powerful Sun not stunning player

I am unsure how to reproduce this, but I have encountered some instances in which the All Powerful Sun does not stun the player in first for an extended period of time.

I used a workshop player model and the default kart in both instances.
The instances occurred on Bedzoom (Track 1) and Pine Valley (Track 2).

Instance 1

Bedzoom Track 1

  1. Boost
  2. All Powerful Sun launched
  3. Grab Powerup
  4. Drift
  5. Powerup Obtained (Bowling Ball)
  6. Boost
  7. Drift
  8. Boost
  9. Drift
  10. All Powerful Sun reaches player
  11. All Powerful Sun stays on player for entirety of race
Instance 2

Pine Valley Track 2

  1. Boost
  2. All Powerful Sun launched
  3. Drift
  4. Boost
  5. Drift
  6. Off road
  7. Boost
  8. Bump into wall
  9. Launch Bowling Ball
  10. On road
  11. Drift
  12. Grab Powerup
  13. Boost
  14. Drift
  15. Boost
  16. Drift
  17. Boost
  18. Powerup Obtained (Bowling Ball)
  19. Launched Bowling Ball
  20. Drift
  21. Boost
  22. All Powerful Sun reaches behind player
  23. All Powerful Sun eventually hits player

Two instances of the sun not stunning the player

  • 00:00-01:14 = Sun not stunning player the entire race
  • 01:15-01:40 = Sun following player until eventually stunning it

Well, you know what they say:

In all seriousness, this likely happens because the sun managed to get stuck on the server side somewhere in the map, so therefore it never gets to its destination. It only stuns the player when the server says that the item has reached the destination there.
I’ve seen this happen before where it reaches me one or two seconds before it actually explodes, which is understandable based on how it works, but any longer than that (especially in your video) is ridiculous.

I’ll look at it next week.


Also, I swear I already tried to fix this mohawk thing like three times and it still appears like this
punk rock sun


@Madmijk You can’t contain the Radical power of Sunny D.


The Sun: [Incoherent screaming]


Thanks to OP among others, we narrowed down the issue and I made a fix that will be released in the next update. It turns out that if the sun reached the target player and it hit someone else within a second earlier, it would not stun the target player. So until this fix is out… try your hardest to steer clear from the sun if you hear it coming and you’re close to the leading player :upside_down_face:


Also the mohawk is no more


I can’t imagine the logic that the sun would be following here.

Sun: Oh there’s my target, im gonna stun him so hard.
*accidentally brushes against the wrong player *
Sun: How do i stun people?