[] Accelerate: Adjust the drunk object

Right now the drunk object lasts way too long, pretty much the entire race, whether it’s a glitch or not. It’s made even worse by the fact that the drunk effect on for that long is seriously straining on the eyes and in general isn’t worth the literal pain to continue the race if you get it early enough. I recommend lowering the duration and changing the effect to be less drastic.

The drunk effect is meant to last 6 seconds. If it’s lasting longer, that’s a bug.


Sometime the effect never wares off. I hit beer on first lap yesterday and had the drunk effect until the end of the race throughout the cutscene only to finally end as the second race countdown starts


I also had this happen again recently. I was playing yesterday and hit it on the first lap, and the effect lasted the entire race

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Would it help if I posted 45 minutes of gameplay where it did not wear off?