[] Big client-side lag in Little Crusaders

There’s some significant lag when it comes to interactions between the knights and the dragon, as well as glitchy-looking jumping whilst playing as the dragon. It wasn’t nearly as much of an issue compared to the last time I played (can’t remember when), but now it’s like Nintendo’s designed the netcode.

Dang, you really had to do 'em like that.

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Networking desyncs and lag can come from a variety of sources, such as packet drops, ISP problems, bad connection between hosts and clients, bandwidth being slammed by background downloads, etc.

We haven’t made changes to the netcode for Little Crusaders in a long time. What type of interactions are desyncing for you?

Player positioning is one of the biggest things; the same sort of thing that nets spies facestabs in TF2. Works the same way here. Not sure if the host has an advantage or not but, judging by what some of the other players have said so far, it isn’t just me who’s dealing with it.

Pressing a dragon’s button comes down to lucky clicking most of the time, and turning to face a player as the dragon usually doesn’t save you. In terms of jumping, I’ve found it to be problematic as the dragon. Doesn’t seem to be the case as a knight, for some reason, but jumping and flying are hard to use for coordinated mobility.