[] Treasure hunt caches appearing in illegal/inaccessible positions

Treasure hunt caches are appearing in locations where they can’t easily be redeemed, for example:-
• Under minigame teleporter on the east beach
• Under monorail support columns on the west beach
• Under the lifeguard hut on the east beach
• Under the path outside Oasis
• In deep water
• Deep under the grassy embankment
• Overlapping By The Sea Shore dolphin aquarium merchant
• Overlapping sandcastles
• Intersecting with sun loungers
• Intersecting with deck chairs

Still occurring as of Co-op Condos update

I will keep updating this thread until it is fixed.


I can confirm that a treasure chest spawned under the blade flag for me.

Chest: spawns under lifeguard hut

Darkmessenger84: Wait that’s illegal.

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See attached screenshots


I just had one spawn so far into the ocean I couldn’t reach it at 150cm out while treading water

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Almost 6 months later and still no fix.

In the meantime, the Plaza jungle area received an art pass but it did not occur to you to look in to fixing this while you were at it?

Think about this for the new Lighthouse area maybe?

Some bugs can just get lost like this one as we have several bugs that we have on our plate. We also organize bug fixes by importance.

This bug is a little more complicated to resolve, but also we have yet to tackle it yet. The art team didn’t code the spawn system and the system finds the best random locations it can to spawn the treasure. The tricky part is visualizing all possible locations, and adjusting spawns accordingly. The map has changed since the treasure system was first implemented and we need to create a system that can prevent spawning of treasures in certain sections without blocking the player.

I plan on looking into it for the Halloween update as we are working on the treasure system for the events.


Please accept my apologies Mac, You’re right.

I was being an asshole about it, and I don’t know what came over me.

I’m only human and we all have bad days from time to time.

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