[] Memory Crash Loading Resort

Every time I load Resort, memory usage gets maxed and the game freezes.

A crash report will not populate unless I load any other condo besides Resort, then switch to Resort. For example, I can load Condo successfully, edit everything, do whatever for an indefinite amount of time, etc. If I transfer over to Resort, the game crashes to desktop and opens a crash report. If I first load Resort from any other page, i.e. the main menu, it will begin loading for a few seconds. During this time, a “loading items” appears in the top left of the UI, I can move, shoot weapons, etc. Then the game freezes indefinitely and I am forced to end task through the task manager.

The only other related issues I read on the forums were year+ old problems dealing with costumes, but getting rid of custom costumes does not change the freezing. No other time does Tower Unite use this much memory or ever crash. FPS is usually 60 with 8GB of RAM.

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Same with a lot of us =(