[] The Studio Condo is Collapsing In On Itself

I cannot explain this, but for some reason there is a difference in mirror coordinates in the studio condo.

You can see the original coorrdinates here and the one in the distance being off.

You can see that it is mirrored along the Y but it is somehow off, but the one in the distance is correct.

Next to the wrong(?) one:

Mirror on the right(?) one:


I think this might be the

thing that’s fixed next update.


Is it the canvas?

Yep, the default canvas has been off-center since its release. We now have code in place to fix all canvases in condos from the coming game version onwards, such that all canvases will remain exactly in their physical position. Only their coordinates will change, as the mesh has been shifted to be perfectly centered.


I’m sorry! Thanks!

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Wait, question:

Is the canvas thing tied to things being off on that side, as well?



Positive Ys, same absolute values

Negative Ys

Is this also part of the canvas issue or is this a different report? (tilts left even though “flat” on the ground at 0 rotation on X and y)


The adjoining wall is not having that issue, though?

The corner is even off the ground