[] Golf - moving objects are desync'd and not in the position they appear to be

We’re still working on the issue and investigating the cause.

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Just saying I can confirm. Was in a game of Golf with my friends, and the game was so out of sync for everyone that it was completely, 100% unplayable. Balls phasing through platforms, hitting walls that aren’t there, etc. Even got a weird case where the ball went through the end hole and through the map, resulting in an out of bounds instead of a win, but that may be unrelated.

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Any updates to this? We used to play every night and we miss it! Seen recent updates but it’s still broken for us.

Sorry for the lack of updates, crashes became a priority for a bit, but this is on my radar. Now that a lot of the major crashes are resolved (there are still some remaining of course), but I’ll have some room on my plate to dig back into this.

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When it happens, does it effect all non-hosts? Or does it sometimes only effect one or two non-host players?

All. At least in my experience. When I’ve played in a group everyone had it. In that last video I posted everyone in that game had it because they were raging in chat after a while.

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Haven’t been playing as much because of the desync but since the Nov 11th update (Adjusted Ball Race/Minigolf platform synchronization rate to reduce jitters) - the desync seems to be improved somewhat. In all the games we’ve played this week I think I’ve only had the issue in one or two.
There were people in chat saying they had it when neither of us didn’t, so it’s not gone completely yet but I think that was a part of the issue.

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I was able to experience it with a debug build by joining random players’ games, but of course that only gives me half of the picture. Current working theory is maybe the packets are just getting bottlenecked on certain connections and coming in on a greater and greater delay, causing time on clients to drift away from the server. If that’s true a reasonable fix would be to turn down the rate at which synchronizations occur. I’ll make this change for an upcoming patch, and monitor this thread to see if the issue persists.

Thanks sketchman, it’s nice to know we might be getting somewhere.

My only real question is why was this not an issue pre-accelerate? We’ve played since tower released and never had this issue before then. It was always perfect. Is that something you can use to help find a fix?

Edit: we’ve played a few games tonight. No desync so far. I do think the platform synchronization rate has helped massively .

You might have just gotten lucky, there was an issue we were working on prior where it was causing more consistent desynch in mini-golf, at least in our testing. There was also some other issues with it that we had to fix for Accelerate in which the client’s time estimate would just stop ticking forward, this would lead certain effects to persist indefinitely. I’m glad the game is more stable for you though!

Has there been any changes to this in the latest updates?

Yes, there were changes to the netcode in the holiday update.