[] Can't change daytime in Condos

My different condos are stuck at different times of day unrelated to my global settings. I tried troubleshooting it with the lads in Discord but not sure what else to do.

These be my settings in Condo-Condo:

These be my results no matter how long it is left on and/or how much time I spend in or out of it, restart Steam, restart the game, clear my workshop cache, verify my game files, reset my computer…

So, I’m also not sure if people are able to change the settings in the workshop mode because I also can’t.

What happens when you change to night in the condo?

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Your condo daytime setting is set to always night, so maybe if you set it to animated and make it night with the slider it’ll work? I’m not sure though

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It’s set to night right now. If I change it to day, it doesn’t do anything. Nor does it work if I change it to night, reload. Nor does it work if I change it to day, reload, change it to night, reload.

If it is animating, I’m not noticing. Do you know how long the cycle is?

I dont know how long exactly, but i think it’s around 10 minutes between day and night? you can also use the slider in the time/weather tab to make sure it works.

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Okay, it’s been about 3 hours so I’m gonna say it should have happened at least once lol

NGL, just found this tab:

Update: I can use the toggle but you have to have it on animated. It won’t switch using day/night in graphics settings.

Oh I thought you knew that tab that’s why I asked you to change time hehe

I was thinking you were asking the Settings > Graphics menu lol

Ahh I see