[] Workshop search timed out

Whenever I try to apply a subscribed/downloaded item from the Steam Workshop in-game, it gives me an error after 15 or so seconds that says “search timed out”. Someone else posted on the Steam discussions about the same problem so it might be a wider issue.


I’ve been getting this all the time now, too.


If it’s showing that, it’s possible it couldn’t find a result to display or Steam went down.

I’m subbed to numerous addons and it’s been doing it for the past few days or so.

It happens often when just opening the search without any input, no specific searches or tags. I haven’t ever noticed it being a problem with Steam being down, as the Friends list is still connected anytime it happens.

Yep it worked fine before the big condo update and now it doesn’t.

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I’ll look into this for the next update.


I get this a lot too, in fact, too much.