[] Drivable Speedboat broken

  1. Drivable Speedboat spawn. (like on picture)


  1. Speedboat moves without players.

  1. You can sit in “invisible speedboat” at speedboat spawn position.

  1. Leave Seat doesn’t disappear after you leave Speedboat.

  2. After leaving Speedboat (not invisible seat), you’re unable to Respawn, Use Hotbar items, Open Hotbar items, Open Inventory.

  3. Speedboat doesn’t swim in water, it drowns. (Tested in Condo and Underwater condo)


Afaik this has been happening since it released.
Also, you CAN fix the unable to do stuff after leaving the speedboat bug by interacting with the ZM Turret milestone.

It’s also possible to fix this if you sit in invisible speedboat (and probably every other chair in your Condo)

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